A Make In India success story

Make in India, launched by our honourable PM Shri Narendra Modi in 2014 is a national program that was designed to transform India into a global manufacturing hub and help it transform into a developed economy from a developing economy. 

A modern take on the Swadeshi Movement, this program aimed to make India self-sufficient and at par with the developed economies of the world. 

We all have heard innumerable stories of how small, local businesses and creative individuals have put their skills and mind to use to create products and jobs through local, indigenous processes and how big corporates and manufacturing giants have poured in millions of dollars to set up their offices in India. 

BestP, a New Delhi based private label brand are an e-commerce retailer specializing in toys, novelty furniture and stationery for kids and teenagers & one such Make In India success story that deserves a mention.

Their most popular product is in the novelty furniture range, the luxury wooden stools.

These stools are multi-purpose and their cute, compact design makes them equally compatible for sitting and decoration. From kids to adults, these stools caught everyone's fancy and soon became a bestseller product. 

They are washable, lightweight, compact and sturdy, can withstand the weight of up to 100* kilograms, have innovative designs, comfortable cushioning and highly affordable prices.


India imports a lot of its products from China owing to its manufacturing supply chain supremacy. Similarly, these novelty stools were also being imported from China. However, way before Boycott Chinese Goods movement came into the picture, BestP was on its own path to "aatmanirbharta". 

Due to the increasing demands for these novelty stools, the creative thinkers at BestP took the bold decision of starting the manufacturing process of these stools in India itself and thus furthering Modi Ji's vision of Make In India.

They started its production in India in April, 2019. Production at home was definitely advantageous. It ensures a steady and quick supply, as well as the opportunity of customization according to the customer's requests such as getting their names or other insignia embroidered on the stools. 

They took a Chinese good and made it better and INDIAN by their innovation, smart work and dedication.

So, this is how, an Indian brand's initiative of moving towards self-independence proves to be an inspiration for other small scale manufacturers, traders and retailers who wish to produce and sell 100% desi, Indian made products.


(The blog has been contributed by guest author Aashna Gupta, a student at the University of Delhi and currently pursuing Bachelors in Commerce from the prestigious Shri Ram College of Commerce. Aashna is an avid reader, likes to sing & dance and occasionally pens her opinion on various topics.)

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