Sewer Drain Dredge Gun Tool-1659

  • Rs. 1,454.00

A gun can clean your toilet and sink as well! Try this extremely functional and easy to use Air bluster gun that unclogs pipes and drains in your kitchen, washroom, and toilets. Use this reusable device to clean up quickly. It is specially designed as a gun to meet the high sanitary and hygiene standards.

It cut shorts your budget on plumbers and harmful chemical cleaning products while cleaning the drains safely in a go. This versatile cleaner effectively cleans germs causing dirt like oil, food residue, hair, rubbish, and more. Coming with 4 various suction settings it vanishes away the dirt and germs from your premises. Add to cart now!

Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 10 cm 
Material: Plastic
Item Type: Toilet Cleaner, Sink 

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